Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mineral imbalance

As you can see i have renamed my blog , My Journey Back.
This last year for me has been a roller coaster of illness , aches and pains. My troubled hammy has come good finally , but other problems have taken over. Right hip and knee have been giving me grief.Stiff muscles all the time.  There have been some dark days where my body has just not felt the best . No energy , low grade fevers. Over the last few months i have trained only on my good days. But i came to a point a few weeks ago where i had to take total time out . I have been pushing past the aches and pains  for far to long so I have sort the help of a natural medical clinic, and had Hair tissue Mineral Analysis done. It's a little bit to indepth to explain fully , i'll try make it short .
I have a high calcium to magnesium ratio .... so no more calcium tablets for a while. and up the magnesium as my body was not retaining it due to the calcium.
Mineral metabolism and Vitamin B6.......I am lacking B6 because of the calcium to magnesium ratio have to take this twice a day.
Mercury level is high ....had some old fillings replaced in the last two years .Apparently a dentist should be fully trained in removing old fillings and use a dam and special suction so as to not contaminate the patient .So don't know weather is  the cause .
I have that ion cleansing done at the massage place twice in the last few months and they said i had a lot of metals showing in the water .Very interesting .
Iron to Mercury ratio is low
Zinc to mercury is low
And this one is interesting considering i live on a high protein diet .
Sulphur and heavy metals .. toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury are enhanced in the presence of a protein deficiency particularly the sulphur compounds.  Sulpher is known to protect cells from the toxic effects of heavy metal. Foods high in sulphur amino acids include , animal protein, fish, poultry and garlic.
An excess of iron or lead is contributing to arthritic symptoms.  
So i have had to delete some sups and add others .The object of the program is to re-establish a normal balance of body chemistry through a designed dietary and supplement suggestions.Re-establishing a balance or equilibrium of  body chemistry will enhance the body's ability to remove heavy metals naturally.However the elimination of these metals may cause temporary discomfort in the form of arthritic symptoms.This discomfort can be expected till the removal of excess metals is complete.

Well if you are still reading then well done. I did try to make that short ,the report is 10 pages.
Does explain my aches, pains and illness And i guess my flare ups have been from my body trying to eliminate these toxins. So hopefully now, by following the sups and dietary suggestions i can eliminate these toxins more easily.I have about 5 different minerals to take along with my usual vitamin C'S and fish oils. I have been on the program for almost a week and have had a flare up the last two days . Hoping tomorrow will be a good day . The power of positive thought i say. I have to believe this will work for me. Some days have me wondering if i will be like this forever . I have five weeks left before my follow up  appointment , so hoping by then i will be well on my way to good health and back to being me again.
This week i did get back to some body and light weight work outs at home .Next week will to get back to the gym .
 I will try blog my progress every few days, so i can look back and see how my recovery takes shape.

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