Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling good

A good week so far. I've had two full body workouts. Tuesday and today. Have a sore chest and lats from Tuesday . Love the feeling of worked muscles. Not that i went heavy , was concentrating on more on form. Feeling real good tonight ,ye ha  must be the interval work out i did tonight on the bike , i always feel great after a good huff and puff. A big turn around from this morning.I got up hopped on the scales .Weight was up (scales lied to me today) so crawled back into bed , totally depressed ..Had planned on heading to gym early. How pathetic is that? Funny thing is , hopped back on a few hours later and had dropped 400 grams . Why does a number on the scales make me feel like that . So anyway kicked my self in rear and finally got to the gym late this afternoon. So glad i went , feel so much better for it.

My Mother gave me a spiky massage ball last week .She purchased it from one of the fitness instructors at her gym ( yes my mumma who is 77 goes to the gym , and she can do push ups haha  ).
Anyway , this ball , i place it  between my glutes and a wall , and roll the ball around finding the sore spots. And boy did i have some of those , my left glute has some real tender bits. Agony in some areas. I think I've had problems there from when i had my sore hammy. My right Glute is not that bad .Was surprised with that considering it's my right hip and knee playing up at the moment. Think i have some imbalances going on . So will be using my spiky ball every second day. Not good to do it everyday . I have a foam roller as well , which is good for quads , but the ball gets in deeper in the glute area.

Hopefully i will get to train with my old trainer , some time next week. He is setting up some equipment at his home .Am really excited about that as I am hoping he can get this body of mine functioning a bit better again. He is a very clever boy like that .

Well that's me done for tonight
Eat well train smart ....x

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