Monday, November 2, 2009

Have cleaned up my eating a bit, since last post. Still having a few treats here and there. Weight seems to be sitting ok though . Gone a bit soft in the backside. Will be working on toning  that and legs up over the coming months.. Any little tips or secrets ?? will be most welcomed....
Haven't done a lot of cardio lately. Mainly just weight training and walking . Did do half hour on the bike this morning , HIIT . Then made sure i refueled my body well today, as i tend to drop weight over night with that sort of cardio. I like interval training , gets my heart going and makes me feel fit . A few years ago, before all my comps, i was running 8 k's a few times a week, doing interval training a few times and Weight training 3 times a week , and i was fit and toned and weighed 2 kilos more than i do now. Trying to remember what i was eating back then, to do so much cardio and not lose muscle.
 I am not following any eating plan at the moment , just feeding my body what i think it needs at the time. Which is still every 2 to 3 hours ,  I seem to be consuming a fair bit of food  though. I am surprised at how much my body is letting me get away with (at the moment) really.   Nice to be relaxed on the dieting and cardio , Feel like i am on holiday .
Had a spray tan today, i always feel more defined when have a bit of colour. I have been flexing my abs and arms all day. They look so good when they are tanned.
Well think i will go cook some diner for the family .and get ready to sit and relax and watch Home and Away. Take care all xxx