Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year sexy fit bitches

Hi All,
Well 2010 looks like it going to be a very good year for all. Everyone is all fired up to be sexier fit bitches than they already are. I love it. So many of you are getting ready for your comp preps.It will be fun following you all in your journeys. I love reading everyones posts , i am a bit of a side liner , i check this blog site sometimes up to three times a day to see if there are any new posts for me to read, but i dont post very often myself. Maybe its because i think people wont be interested in what i have to say.Crazy i know.
Anyway As for me , i am not sure if i will compete in 2010 yet. If i do it will be in October. My last comp was so stressful for me. Three weeks out i had lactic acid build up in my hammies.They were lumpy and i had stubborn fat on them as well.Luckly  i found a good therapist to do lymphatic drainage and iron out my legs a bit for me.So on the day all was fine.I tend to panic too much in the last few weeks and completely stress myself out. And then there is the after effects to deal with also. So not sure if i want to put myself through that again.Will see how my conditioning goes between now and then. But i will continue to work on my week points , and keep myself fit.
Haven't trained much in the gym the last week .My daughter dragged me to body pump last sunday.Something i haven't done in quite a while .I got sore tri's and my legs were a little sore , i could have added more weight ,we were late so just grabbed what weights we could.Then we did Body attack on Wed , a first for me.It was so much fun, I was a bit unco in places trying to keep up up whats steps were next.  haha. Will definately do some more of those classes. My legs and even my feet hurt from it. Do we have muscles in our feet??? I think these classes could be good for conditioning my legs. They liked to be shocked with something new.I am going to give Body combat a go also in the the new year. It will be a change from my usual cardio machines or walk run around my suburb.

 Everyone has been posting seven things about them selves so here goes mine

 1. I am a shy person until you get to know me.
2. The last three years i have become a lot more confident, and have personaly achieved so much in my fitness journey that i ever thought was possible.
3 My family was involved in a head on car accident two weeks before i was born.My poor mother gave birth to me in traction.She had a broken jaw and her teeth were wired together, she had a broken collar bone and a smashed and broken knee. I was transfered to the baby hospital down the road and stayed there for 8 weeks.
4 I was named after one of the nurses that looked after me .Her name was Diane
5 I had a navel piecing done last August , all was fine till it got infected a few weeks out from comp so i took it out.
6 I have three grown children that still live at home , some times i feel like a maid, hahaha
7 I have been with my husband since were we only 16.We are best buddies as well as lovers.
OH can i add another one
8 I got caught shop lifing when i was 6 , i tried to walk out of woolies with a pair of sun glasses on my face with the tag hanging down my nose.

 Well it is New Years eve and for some of you midnight has been and gone.It is 10.30 here , kids are all out, husband is away in Yemen working , and i'm home alone .Going across the road in a minute to have a drink with my lovely neighbours.
 All the best everyone for 2010

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a great xmas, and enjoyed your xmas feast. Remember we deserve it, we work hard. Your bodies should be all fueled up ready for another week at the gym.Your muscles should be bulging, hahaha , i know mine mine are. Recieved a nice pair of bikinis off my lovely daughter along with some gym socks and a book on "W.A'S Best Outdoors and Gardens"...hint we need a backyard makeover. . Launa Jane vouchers from my son, So heading off to Harbour Town today to spend that. Husband got me one of those GPS navigaters for the car, have wanted one of those for ages. Cant wait to play with it.
Did a bit of an interval session on my cross trainer yesterday to help burn off some xmas puddding.
I did a few intervals like this with my trainer last week.The cross trainer at the gym is different to mine though and did level 5 at fast pace. My machine is better ,it's a Life Fitness one and you can change the stride length, which i did for each interval.Each stride level works different muscles in your legs and butt.
Here is how it went, a bit different that my normal HIIT i do.

Warmed up first for a few mins

2 minutes at level 10 ,70 rpm
30 seconds fast , think i went 100 or over with the rpm
90 seconds level 5 (rest)

2 mins level 11
30 seconds fast
90 sec leval 5

2 min level 12
30 sec fast
90 sec leval 5

2 mins at 13
30 secs fast
90 secs at 5

2 mins at 14
30 secs fast
90 secs at 5

2 mins at 15
30 secs fast
90 secs at 5

2mins again 15
30 secs fast.
90 at 5

Then 2 mins at 15
and cool down
Was to buggered to try another 30secs fast or try level 16 . Next time i will start at level 12 .

so all up it was a 32 min work out. I like to change what i do all the time with cario machines .Makes it more interesting.

Today i am going out the back to sweep and hose down and wash my very dirty little dog, he has been playing in garden beds.
Take care all

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Had a great time in Singapore.Have been back almost 2 weeks. Came back about a kilo and a bit heavier, so not to much damage. I am getting a lot of comments lately from strangers saying how fantastic i look and how i came to look like this. Blowing me away really, to me i was feeling a bit out of shape from all my extra eating. I think my arms look better for it, but not so sure about the legs and butt. hehehehe.
 I get asked a lot how many hours a week i spend at the gym. Most don't believe me when i say only 3 x 30 min sessions a week with the weights and 30 to 60 mins cardio most days. Its all i've ever done from the beginning.When in comp prep i'll sometimes do 40 mins and i'll add one extra session ,which is usually used for plyometric work. And of course up the cario a bit. For me thats plenty. I'm a figure girl not a body builder. I do this sport because i like to keep in shape year round . I like to eat clean, it makes me feel healthy, toned and fit. If i eat to much sugar (which i have been lately) it makes me feel yuk.

We had a early xmas day last sunday, as my husband works away he won't be here for xmas or new year. We had family over and had the turkey , ham,  plum pudding , bon bons ect .And have been snacking on xmas lollies ever since. Feels like xmas has already been and i'm over it, So with two weeks in Singapore then my early festive treats, i am really out of routine. So as from yesterday my challenge is to eat clean till xmas day comes again on Friday.Even i going to make this diner a bit cleaner.Even the kids are over it, they asked if we could have just a light xmas lunch , like salads , cold meats , prawns. So i'm happy about that , hahaha  Shouldn't be to hard, like i said i like to eat clean, so looking forward to feeling more energetic later in the week.
Well everyone in blog land hope you all have a wonderful xmas
Love Diane

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's been a month since my last post.Was suffering a bad case of the post comp blues for a little while there.Was sailing along fine then fell in a heap for a week or two. I've still been here though reading all your bloggs.I love reading what everyone has been up to ,what advise they have, progress etc.
I am in Singapore at the moment.My husband has a course up here.Hotel is nice ,the Gym is pretty  basic, but has good cardio machines. So have been doing a bit of cario everyday.Have to, i have been eating a bit to well up here.My mission is to survive this trip without too much damage. hahaha. Have been getting lots of comments up here. oooh you strong you must go to the gym. Starting to get a bit self concious of my arms, maybe they are a bit to muscley. I dont work my arms much anymore,,i dont even lift heavy anymore ,with any of my workouts.Just hit them with something different all the time. I tend to build muscle very quickly, and because i am short , can look a bit stockey.So i have to try stay a bit lean to look more athletic .Well signing off now going to hit the shops , take care all
Diane xxx