Monday, June 6, 2011

massage is the best

Have been treating myself to a few massages lately, and the one i had on Saturday was so good I fell asleep. Will be going back to her thats for sure. Was feeling a bit out of sorts before it ,but can report I have felt whole lot better since . Todays activity was just a 20 min  pilates dvd workout. Then a walk  with a jog here and there. Got myself a knee support , it made a huge difference .No pain today... yeehaa.
Tomorrow i will head back to the Gym . I plan on doing a full body workout. No longer than 30 mins , I always end up going over time and doing to much .So i have to be strict with myself and just do the 30 then 30 min cardio . Well that is it from me tonight .
take care all xx

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