Monday, April 11, 2011

it's been a while

Well hello blog land. I know it's been a while , what can i say , i am a part time blogger. Think i left my last blog saying i had news to tell.Well sorry to those of you that were waiting for that news. The most part of 2010 i was living in Dubai .Trying to access this site over there was hard .The sign in page was in Arabic , and then security settings kept cutting me off. Maybe they think we show a bit to much skin in our blogs. My Husband got offered a posting to work there. So we thought why not , kids are big now. I still travelled home a few times to check on them and the house . The youngest boy found it hard without me around , poor baby he was only 19 going on 20. Him and my daughter flew up to stay with us for a few weeks. Went on holidays to the Maldives last june, it was amazing , loved it . Will try get some photos posted here of Dubai and the Maldives.

So anyways packed up and headed back home in Feb this year. Quite happy to stay put here now.
So never got to do any comps last year. Have had problems with pain in my left hammy and glute, for a while now. Chiro said it probably is a herniated  disc. usually affects one leg. It came good about 3 weeks ago disappeared completely, but it is back again. So depressing . Limits what leg exercises and cardio i can do, even just walking it aches after about 20 to 30 minutes. Have been using the cross trainer a bit as it doesn't bother me to much.. Have Spent a fortune on Chiro,massages ,reflexology etc. Have taken up yoga that helps i think. Right knee has been playing up a bit also. Geez!!What can i say , old age is setting in i think. I don't want to be old , i'm not ready. Need to get this body sorted ,Would love to be able to compete again. Will just have to see how things go. Have been training myself for a while now , my trainer changed careers on me.(sob sob) .

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