Monday, June 20, 2011

4 days to get back into my shorts.

So much for posting last week . I did manage to get my three training sessions in and i am happy to report It all went well. Ended up with some sore muscles here and there.

Cardio was good last week as well. Friday i got in some runs on the treadmill. Starting with 300m jogs then 200m runs ,then finished off with two sprints on incline 4. Could have done more , but commonsense told me not to . I have been using a knee support for my cardio , which helps. 
These vitamins and minerals i am on are working i think.I am starting to feel normal again. Energy levels are increasing. It's all good . On non training days i making sure i take it easy. Saturday was a complete day off, not even a walk. 

Off to Bali on Friday for 12 days. So have been trying get some pudge off before i go. Would be nice to look half decent in a pair of shorts again.  Have been stuck with a few extra kilos since Xmas. I did have a bit of a win yesterday. The scales have been jumping from 56kgs to 57kgs  for weeks, but finally i came in at 55.6kgs. So I'm back in the 55's hehe. Well i hope i am , had a bit of a blow out with the food yesterday. Pulled the reins back in today, so should be good. Have to have a free eating day at least once a week. I even had a mid week spurge last week. My son came home late at night and cooked the most delish spag bog i have ever tasted. Started with just a taste test , ended up with a bowl full .

My training week started today as Friday i will to busy flying off to paradise. So i plan to train today, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Today was Leg Day 
Went as follows
Single leg leg presses...4x15..
lunges 3x12 each leg
Leg ext..3x12 with seated Ham curls 3x12 
Straight leg dead lifts 3x12
Cardio: Cycling 30 min.

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