Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday Leg Day

Ok so the plan this week is to get in three workouts . Today, Wed and Friday.
Today I trained Legs ...

Warmed up with some walking and 3x 300m runs on the tread mill. speed 9 . Knees coped well , so really pleased with that. Next time will go faster.

 Squats;  20 body weight  followed by 3x15 barbell.... 20, 25 25 kgs
sit down Leg press:  3x 12 ...60, 70, 70 kgs
single leg dead lifts ; 3x10  Barbell 10, 15,15 kgs
walking dumbbell lunges 3x24 7kgs
finished off with some fitball planks 3x 60 secs and side planks 2x 35 sec 1x 55secs

 Cardio was 40 min walk around my neighbourhood late this afternoon.

Think i coped pretty well with that lot, knees held up well . Was a little uncomfortable in the lower back on the leg press, so might give that one a miss next week. I did wake up a bit stiff in the lower back this morning though. Chiro tomorrow , so that should sort me out again.
Can feel some soreness in the rear end coming on already .

Well thats me for tonight ,my bed is calling .
good night xx

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