Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello all ,
I've been absent on here, for a little while ,wasn't ready to tell you what an IDIOT i've been. Because i was such a FOOL and went back to the gym to early. Everything was going fine after my op, no pain , healing all very quickly, so thought it would be ok to do a leg wotk out. Nothing to heavy. No pain or discomfort. Till the next morning woke up to some major swelling. Thought ok better just rest up , going to get stitches out in a few days.Went to get the stitches out and got told to go home, pack a bag , meet you in surgery tonight. That was Monday 18th. He said i had an absess and hematoma. Woke up  from surgery in pain , had a nappy pin through the wound  holding a drain tube. Looked and felt like i had been hit with an axe. The doctor said it was a bigger op than he thought , he had to cut away dead tissue. Spent two days in hospital, and have been a couch potato ever since. Had the stitches out on Monday just gone and and now on the mend. So yes i feel like such a FOOL. So obsessed that i couldn't put my body on hold for just a week or so longer. So ANGRY with myself . But whats done is done. My body has gone a bit soft on me, but nothing i cant fix .Will give me something to work on. Ventured out for a little walk around the neighbour hood last night with hubby and daughter. Just a walk no power walking yet. Had to get out in the fresh air .Woke up this morning checking to see if there was any swelling , but all is fine. So yes i am a bit paranoid now. Will head back to the gym next week.Wont be doing any legs till maybe the week after.Will start with just body weight squats and lunges i think.My little chubby legs will just have wait .
So there you go , that was my news. Hopefully next week i will be able to report on my progress at the gym. No doubt i would have lost a bit of strength .
Take care all
love Diane


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear that Diane I was just thinking of you yesterday cause I saw you had'nt posted for a while.....I think we are all def a little guilty of not taking it easy, when you are in this kinda sport it is sooo hard mentally to take time off even when you 'should'.
    You will be back to it in no time, plus anything you feel you may have lost will come right back.
    Rest up.....sending you lots of healing vibes.