Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what a day

Hi All ,
Well i have been busy today. First up was gym this morning. Warmed up with two 800m stints on the rower. Then a good back session with my trainer. Then home to do some major house work.Finaly got that done by 5.00 then met my daughter at the beach and she took me on a walk run in the boggy sand up the beach for half hour one way then half hour back again.She did let me walk some of the way back on the waters edge. But then it was back to the soft deep stuff with a sprint to the finish line. . She's such a slave driver. Certainly got a good leg workout doing that one .She said she has been doing beach runs a few times a week lately , no wonder she has nice legs and butt , or is it because she is only 22 ?? hahaha. No she has been on a fitness journey the last few months.She has lost about 5 k's and looking like a real little sexy fit bitch . Finaly taught her that eating more and more often and cleaner is the way to go. So now she is a real little health and fitness freak. She wants to do a comp this year. Will have to get her to start her own blogging  journey to the stage. Would like to see her start off with bikini sports girl section or figure fitness as she has the acro and dancing skills. Dont think she has enough muscles yet for figure, sh sh sh sh hopefully she wont read this , hehehe.
 Well i'm off to bed , keep working hard girls, remember 2010 is the year and i WANT to follow your journeys to the stage, weight loss , improving your physic or what ever else.
Love  Diane xxx

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  1. I look forward to reading about your journey this year Diane!