Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recovering well after my op, not as sore or uncomfotable as i thought i would be.Just really sleepy all the time.Have been relaxing on the couch most of the time watching telly and dozing on and off. Must be the all the gas in my system from the anaesthetic. Did manage to go to the gym on Friday though. Had to finish the week with a shoulder and chest workout.

Had a bit of pigout last night, found some butter cookies someone gave us for xmas and thought i would just have a sample to see what they were like, ended up eating way toooo many , i dont even normaly like bickies, but these were bit more ish. Then got into some lollie snakes, which i have hidden from my kids for times when i have had a hard workout , i take one or two to put some sugar in my muscles. Then had rice cakes with peanut butter .This little feast took place at about 11.30 last night after waking up from napping through the movie i was watching. Never mind i must have needed a little sugar fix. Will have to be good today, since i cant cardio it off. I think i can manage a walk, so will do that this evening.

Had a lady from the gym stop me on my way out on friday, she is training hard and wants to compete in Oct and said she wants my body and was asking how to get it. Geeee whooo da thought .....It's funny how we think we are out of shape in our off season, but to others were obviously not. I seem to be getting a few comments lately, even from the young ones at the gym . I tell them hard work and determination. Getting fit isn't easy.I thought my trainer was tying to kill me those first few months. He worked me hard with the weights and the cardio. So many times in my head i wanted to tell him to , dont you know how old i am ? this is not fun .hahaha, but i am such an obedient little girl i perservered. Every week i wanted to sack him, but thought no, that would be quitting, keep going , try it for a few more weeks.  Now i love my cardio and training.I couldn't imagine my life with out it.
 So anyway i am quite excited for this lady, told her her i would help her out anyway i can with advise or posing practice. From my past mistakes I should be able to pass on what not to do in posing, like squeeze your bum cheeks together in the back pose, ewww not a nice look.hahaha.Not on me anyway. hehehe.
Well thats my post for today, enjoy your sunday everyone
Love Diane xxx

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  1. hehe, that's funny! i'm sure your bum looks good squeezed or not squeezed! hope you enjoyed your sugar fix, we all need those every now and then. good work on the compliments too, i'm certain we are all WAY too hard on ourselves, but it's probably because we all know what we are capable of!

    hope your recovery goes well, must be uncomfortable you poor thing!!

    k xoxo