Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Spent my day in hospital today. Had a cist (hope thats all it is.) removed today. It was down below on my panty line  near my lymph glands. Took three months to get in to see a specialist, and he was a bit concerned about my glands being up a bit so wanted it out ASAP. So my day went as follows

Woke up at 6 am , into the shower and at the hospital by 6.30.Was dying of thirst and hunger by 7.30.
They gave me a pre op at 8.30 thank god so i got to sleep through my thirsty and hungry state.hahaha.
Woke up at 12.00 and they took me down to theartre. then woke up in revovery at 1.30 i think it was. Stayed there till 2.45 and then they got me back to the room and fed and watered me. Then dozed on and off till my daughter collected me at 5.30.They fed me again before i left, i must have looked still hungry, haha. So have slept most of the day today and still fell a bit groggy and could take off to bed for the night now.But i will wait til at least 9.30 .Not in any pain as yet so thats good. My lump that was about the size of a 10 cent piece has gone off to pathology, so hopefully the results will come back clear .Have stitches in for next 10 days.Hopefully I will be able to still do my leg work out next week. They will go to mush if i dont train them.
Well thats my post for today, finding it hard to concentrate here , must be still drugged.
Take care all


  1. Ouch! I've had about 4 of those little buggers removed, they've all been ok.
    Take care with the leg training, just in case...
    Have to say your photo (above) has become my pin-up this week...LOOOOOVE your back, it's what I'd like to build ;)

  2. Hey bluegirl,
    Hope you are feeling better today, sorry to hear about the lump, hope it turns out to be nothing serious. Maybe just do a light workout next week for legs until the stitches come out, I know its easier said than done as I would be itching to train too!!!
    Take care:-)

  3. take the time to recover Diane, nothing worse than pushing yourself too far too soon. Hope you are less groggy today. xx

  4. thanks for your comments girls, yes have been taking it easy, have been a couch potatoe the last few days.