Friday, February 5, 2010

Back at the gym this week.Started the week off with some cardio.

Monday...35 min cross trainer a few 30 second fast intervals thrown in.

Tuesday...rowing machine 2x 400 m, 2x 600m and 2x 800 m finished off with incline walking on treadmill.

Wed.... first weight session , did upper body back and chest. Just did 15 min walking

Thursday ... Legs and abbs , 20 min bike and 10 min treadmill

Today .. will do some cardio, havent decided on that one yet. Getting so lazy with cardio, have that, that'll do attitude, not good. not good.

After a  few weeks off from lifting ,and  i am feeling sore all over after this week. Sore chest ,back and legs.
Have gained a kilo and a bit and lost a bit of muscle i think. So hopefully will correct that , now i am back into it. Was feeling it yesterday, had a nana nap on couch while watching the news last night , then dozed off again at about 9.30. A big week after doing jack for last 4 weeks. As much as it annoyed me first few weeks , i got lazy and  enjoyed not having a routine of cardio gym, and eating .But i know i will be very sorry if i dont push my self to get back into it. I know by the end of next week i will be in the groove again, feeling fit and good about myself .Didn't push myself to much this week. Just two sessions of weights.Next week will add an extra session and get back into some running .Also need to clean up my eating a bit. Going off to a Brazilian club tonight for diner , hope they have lean meat there and salads.Tomorrow night we are going off to a Kiwi night. Think i will really have to hit the tready hard next week .
Have a good weekend everyone


  1. Glad to see you back in the zone Diane! You are getting back to it in a very sensible manner too! Well done! I don't think I could be that patient, usually after a stint of NO training, I am so eager for the weights that I just plough head first back into it!

    Have a great weekend!

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