Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a great xmas, and enjoyed your xmas feast. Remember we deserve it, we work hard. Your bodies should be all fueled up ready for another week at the gym.Your muscles should be bulging, hahaha , i know mine mine are. Recieved a nice pair of bikinis off my lovely daughter along with some gym socks and a book on "W.A'S Best Outdoors and Gardens"...hint we need a backyard makeover. . Launa Jane vouchers from my son, So heading off to Harbour Town today to spend that. Husband got me one of those GPS navigaters for the car, have wanted one of those for ages. Cant wait to play with it.
Did a bit of an interval session on my cross trainer yesterday to help burn off some xmas puddding.
I did a few intervals like this with my trainer last week.The cross trainer at the gym is different to mine though and did level 5 at fast pace. My machine is better ,it's a Life Fitness one and you can change the stride length, which i did for each interval.Each stride level works different muscles in your legs and butt.
Here is how it went, a bit different that my normal HIIT i do.

Warmed up first for a few mins

2 minutes at level 10 ,70 rpm
30 seconds fast , think i went 100 or over with the rpm
90 seconds level 5 (rest)

2 mins level 11
30 seconds fast
90 sec leval 5

2 min level 12
30 sec fast
90 sec leval 5

2 mins at 13
30 secs fast
90 secs at 5

2 mins at 14
30 secs fast
90 secs at 5

2 mins at 15
30 secs fast
90 secs at 5

2mins again 15
30 secs fast.
90 at 5

Then 2 mins at 15
and cool down
Was to buggered to try another 30secs fast or try level 16 . Next time i will start at level 12 .

so all up it was a 32 min work out. I like to change what i do all the time with cario machines .Makes it more interesting.

Today i am going out the back to sweep and hose down and wash my very dirty little dog, he has been playing in garden beds.
Take care all

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