Sunday, December 20, 2009

Had a great time in Singapore.Have been back almost 2 weeks. Came back about a kilo and a bit heavier, so not to much damage. I am getting a lot of comments lately from strangers saying how fantastic i look and how i came to look like this. Blowing me away really, to me i was feeling a bit out of shape from all my extra eating. I think my arms look better for it, but not so sure about the legs and butt. hehehehe.
 I get asked a lot how many hours a week i spend at the gym. Most don't believe me when i say only 3 x 30 min sessions a week with the weights and 30 to 60 mins cardio most days. Its all i've ever done from the beginning.When in comp prep i'll sometimes do 40 mins and i'll add one extra session ,which is usually used for plyometric work. And of course up the cario a bit. For me thats plenty. I'm a figure girl not a body builder. I do this sport because i like to keep in shape year round . I like to eat clean, it makes me feel healthy, toned and fit. If i eat to much sugar (which i have been lately) it makes me feel yuk.

We had a early xmas day last sunday, as my husband works away he won't be here for xmas or new year. We had family over and had the turkey , ham,  plum pudding , bon bons ect .And have been snacking on xmas lollies ever since. Feels like xmas has already been and i'm over it, So with two weeks in Singapore then my early festive treats, i am really out of routine. So as from yesterday my challenge is to eat clean till xmas day comes again on Friday.Even i going to make this diner a bit cleaner.Even the kids are over it, they asked if we could have just a light xmas lunch , like salads , cold meats , prawns. So i'm happy about that , hahaha  Shouldn't be to hard, like i said i like to eat clean, so looking forward to feeling more energetic later in the week.
Well everyone in blog land hope you all have a wonderful xmas
Love Diane

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