Saturday, October 10, 2009

post comp

It has been one week since i competed in the INBA W.A. Titles. Came second. The girl that placed first was a machine . Really well developed shoulders , chest and back. I started this blog , to record my progress , though comp prep.So much for that happening , i never seemed to have the time or energy. The last few weeks of my comp prep was hard. I had a really depressing day , i think it was one or two weeks out ,cried all day.Was nearly going to pull the pin . Wasn't happy with my body at all.I think i was just so carb depleted. But of course i battled on. On the thursday before comp i stopped in at Orbit fitness to pick up a band for backstage pump up, hopped on their body fat scales and came in at 6%, the Guy at the shop said i would have been less than that. He was competing the same day as me but in IFBB comp, and those scales put him at higher body fat than what he was. No wonder i was feeling so crap.I found it hard to keep my concentration driving , I could feel my body going into distress . I was already starting to carb up but was still losing on the scales.So panic set in , didn't want to come looking to skinny and depleted like my first comp.So upped my carbs a bit. Dont know if that was a good idea.I managed to gain half a kilo by the saturday and  I came in looking a bit thick in the waist. Plus i had a redbull and jelly beans to close to going on stage . Lesson learnt... there . NO red bull, and maybe start carb up a day or two earlier and only eat small amounts of food the day before to flatten and shrink the abs , to get that nice flat square look .My abs are like rocks but they stick out too much.
 Told my self two weeks ago this would be my final performance , and i am already talking about what i will do different next time round. Hahaha, Its a perfection thing, i think . That was my fourth comp and i still don't think i am bringing in my best. 
After completely going crazy with the food after comp , by monday i started filling out nice in my arms and back, They looked so good. I do like my body heaps better when i am not comp dieting. I eat clean most of the time and stay fairly lean . But i get good food like feta cheese and advocado in my salads and fish like smoked salmon., peanut butter on rice cakes. Lolly snakes after a weight work out. The food my body likes . I think i will have to do some research into some different comp diets.  The one i have sux big time , i even allowed my self extra carbs and protien this time .  My body goes into distress just thinking about the comp diet i follow. Mind , i didn't really allow myself much of a good once a week all out pig out cheat , this time. I kept it pretty clean. I think you need to really carb up big once a week. Will do that next time for sure. If i do compete again it wont be till next october. Think i need a good break. I competed twice last year and twice again this year. Think i need to get back to normal, if i remember what that is . Will post some photos on here . Don't have any good stage ones yet., just some back stage poses my daughter took. She is such a good girl, she supports me through every comp. She's  there to put the tan on me, helps me prepare on the day, she is my back stage helper. I don't know what i would do with out her. She must be sick of it and all comped out by now. But she never complains, she  posts my photos on her face book, for her friends to see, she is so proud of me. But the one that is most proud is me. My daughter is not just my daughter but my best friend .So if you read this KIRSTY , thank you for all your support , I LOVE YOU 
I think i should also thank of course my boys Geoff and David , and my Husband Big Geoff. They are all so supportive. They under stand if i occasionally forgot to get something out to cook for them , because i am to busy organizing my own meals. They are all ,also proud of my achievements. Not everyones mum is a figure competitor .I think they think its pretty cool. If they bring a new friend home they make me lift my top to show them my abs or strike a pose of some sort for them , hehehe. So to the boys in my family , thankyou  , I LOVE YOU also.
Cant believe i've had so much to say on here today. Will hopefully keep blogging in the future and up date on how my post comp body is adjusting to normality. So till next time ....take care all ...good night. 

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