Monday, September 21, 2009

12 days

The count down is on. 12 days to go. Had a little bit of a cheat yesterday . Went to the Apex teenage fashion  awards yesterday at the Hyatt. Still ate clean, just had some extra fruit. I Always come in a bit to lean.So have been having a little extra to eat this time round. Hope i wont be sorry for it on the day. Think if i stick to plan from now i should be ok. Will do some skin folds later today and see where i am at. Weight is sitting at 51kg. On my scales that is. Don't want to be on stage under 49kg. Had a few ups and downs over the week end. Saturday was a real downer , wasn't happy with how my body was looking , was even thinking of just pulling the pin on it all. We all like to come in looking better than we did the last comp. If i come in looking better. Then it doesn't matter if i don't place. It's self satisfaction , knowing that you have improved and feeling good up there. So i have pushed past my saturday downer , like that saying

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