Wednesday, October 14, 2009

getting back to normal

It's been 12 days since my comp, weight seems to be coming on quicker this time. Trying to settle down with the eating.Normally Don't like to gain to quickly,Starting to feel a bit healthier though. Definately like my post comp body better. Think i was a bit hard on myself from my last post. Have looked back at photos from my first two comps, i came in carb depleted and a bit stringy.So i am improving , came in a bit fuller this time. Just have to remember not to have the red bull before going on stage , next time.
 I am enjoying having my mocha frappe's , skinless chicken wraps from red rooster and what everyone else in the family eats for diner each night. I normally get post comp blues , but so far so good. Just so nice to be relaxed on the eating. Legs have gone a bit fluidy on me, But i'll tackle some cardio next week and clean up the eating a bit then.
Went shopping with my girl today. Got a nice pair of white linen pants and a  waist coat to match. A bit hard buying clothes at the moment, what fits now, might not fit so nice in a months time. Would be nice if i could just put on weight in the upper body. Dont mind having smaller legs and butt. But i can see my genetics wont let that happen.hahaha.

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  1. Congrats on your recent placing! Glad to hear that post-comp you are doing well too... I think I have lernt the hard way after my first comp, but will aim to do better next time... it's nice to hear that things do get easier, so thanks for sharing. You have a fantastic physique, your placing is certainly well deserved :)