Saturday, October 24, 2009

out of control

So much for me getting back to some clean eating this week. I am out of control.I have been eating crunchy peanut butter by the spoonfuls . Not a day goes by without me having some form of chocolate , lollie , cake or biscuits. If i am at home i am looking in the fridge and pantry for some thing to eat every half hour,  nibbling on this that all day. I have to get this under control. I am being a bit to cocky , I know i will wake up one day very shortly and nothing will fit me to nicely and then i will punish myself with HIIT every day for a week. I have to get back on track , to much sugar and fat going in this body is going to make me one very depressed spongy girl . So here goes My promise to my self to EAT HEALTHIER this coming week. Will let you know next weekend how i went . Take care all , good luck to those competing this weekend. xxx


  1. Hi Bluegirl, thnkyou for your comment. I was never ready to put my before photo's up, really who would want to. But im sure you have come along way, never be ashamed of the beginning. You needed that to get where you are now, right?
    Take Care,
    Ps, u look sensational. xo

  2. I hope this week's been better for you! My binging habits were similar to yours post comp last year, but this time around i wrote myself a plan that i'm trying to adhere to 90% of the time. I'm making sure that i'm eating adequate protein and tonnes of vegies at each meal to balance the blood sugar and satisfy my hunger. All my meals are planned so i'm not scouring the cupboards for food. Also ask yourself the real reason you're craving the junk food. Hope that helps =)

  3. Thanks Chelle for your comment. Yes i normaly do eat healthy most of the time , have done for the past 3 years. Even before that i was never a really a sweet tooth.I think i have just developed some bad habits the last few weeks.I am still pretty lean , but i know i should be feeding my self more of the good carbs and fats. My house is out of chockies and lollies now , so time to detox.hahaha