Monday, November 2, 2009

Have cleaned up my eating a bit, since last post. Still having a few treats here and there. Weight seems to be sitting ok though . Gone a bit soft in the backside. Will be working on toning  that and legs up over the coming months.. Any little tips or secrets ?? will be most welcomed....
Haven't done a lot of cardio lately. Mainly just weight training and walking . Did do half hour on the bike this morning , HIIT . Then made sure i refueled my body well today, as i tend to drop weight over night with that sort of cardio. I like interval training , gets my heart going and makes me feel fit . A few years ago, before all my comps, i was running 8 k's a few times a week, doing interval training a few times and Weight training 3 times a week , and i was fit and toned and weighed 2 kilos more than i do now. Trying to remember what i was eating back then, to do so much cardio and not lose muscle.
 I am not following any eating plan at the moment , just feeding my body what i think it needs at the time. Which is still every 2 to 3 hours ,  I seem to be consuming a fair bit of food  though. I am surprised at how much my body is letting me get away with (at the moment) really.   Nice to be relaxed on the dieting and cardio , Feel like i am on holiday .
Had a spray tan today, i always feel more defined when have a bit of colour. I have been flexing my abs and arms all day. They look so good when they are tanned.
Well think i will go cook some diner for the family .and get ready to sit and relax and watch Home and Away. Take care all xxx


  1. Hey Bluegirl, nice to meet you! great to have another figure girl on board. I am training for my first IFBB comp early next year. Any tips u can give me for this fed would be very much appreciated!

    Cheers, Tara

  2. Hi Tara,
    good to hear from you. Looks like you are sitting in a good place for comp prep.Hard to know what the judges are looking for on the day, as with all comps. Work on flexablity, and semetry.Most of the IFBB Elite girls have that look.shoulders and chest up arched back , stick your butt out.But of course make it look natural.Sarah pocket rocket is an IFBB girl, and Daneila Omara ,google them on u tube.Daniela teaches me my routines.She does figure fitness as well.There should be video clips of both these girls.Its good study other girls posing .Good luck, i'll be following you on your next journey.