Thursday, September 3, 2009


This morning i went down to my old Gym and practiced and showed my routine to Nicole and Aron (two of the trainers there). Then i noticed in the big mirrors there ,that my left quad was bigger than my right. Panic , cant have that .I dont like to look in mirrors to much , because then i start obsessing and panic i am not going to make it time .So yes i did panic a little ,so did some one leg workouts there. Then 50 walking lunges with the medicine ball. Came home ate and then slept in the massage chair.Woke up ate and then had my training session at another gym with my trainer , which we punished my legs further. Followed by half hour incline walking on the tread mill. So a big leg day today. My dream is to bring in a nice booty and lean hammys, hehehe i think most girls obsess over that. dont they? . The next four weeks i will be working like a crazy woman to try and achieve this dream. I even purchased some 2 kilo leg weights the other day , to do some toning at home. Well i am off to bed , have another training session in the morning.

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