Monday, September 14, 2009

2 weeks and 4 days

Haven't blogged on here much. Have spent to much time trying to figure out how to add The Blogs i read up on my page. This all new to me. Well comp is coming up quick. Considering i started off already pretty lean, i am starting to panic a bit now if i'll be lean enough. Had a cheat night Monday night for my birthday and then my last cheat night Saturday night. Steak burger & chips (i should not of had the chips) and the most delicious ice cream sunday i've ever had. I wake up every morning feeling very skinny now days, but by the the time i have eaten  and had some fluids my LEGS seem to puff out again. I ordered a costume from the states , it arrived last week. The bottoms look a bit tiny, oops . My Daughter said they wouldn't be big enough to fit even one of her butt cheeks in . MMMMM....they fit , just a bit less material than i'm used to.hahaha, I'll see how they are looking next week, if i'm worried i can always get another one made. This one is just a blank one ,aqua crushed velvet. I am going to decorate it myself. If don't end up wearing it , i can always sell it to some lucky girl that is blessed with a tiny backside. Well i think i am off to bed , have to get some sleep and recharge myself for a leg session tomorrow.

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