Saturday, August 29, 2009

new figure blogger in training

Well whow i cant believe here i am , finally i have my own blog site.I am so excited , just have to learn how to put photos up ect, so could take me a while . I have been reading figure girl blogs for about a year now. I love reading the ones that are in comp prep.I can relate to them so well. Some of you girls are so funny , i enjoy reading your blogs.Feel like i know you girls so well , but you haven't a clue who i am. In April this year i was at the IFBB Elite show and saw Sarah pocket rocket, i was so excited , but to shy to say hi . So at least now if you girls like Shelley, Tara ,Kim etc get to read my blog and i happen to meet you at a comp one day (highly unlikely i live in W.A. haha but you never know)i can say hello and you will know who i am.  I am currently in comp prep , i have 5 weeks to go.I have the IFBB and the INBA on the same day same venue.If i qualify i get to compete in The Natural Olympia in Queensland and or Sydney for the IFBB. So will see how i go . Having a battle with my hammys , one day they feel like they are coming in tight and nice then like today they feel  spongy and flabby.I think they look better when i'm not dieting. Never mind i am going to posing practice tomorrow then after that i am going to run  Jacobs ladder.That is a huge stair case at Kings Park in Perth.I think it has like 320 steps.I will tackle that 5 times , that should be good for my legs... i hope. Should have been doing it every week really.Well it is getting late so i am off to bed 


  1. Hello! Thanks for following my blog :) Yay - another competitor for me to follow too :) I feel a bit 'out of it' at the moment, not currently prepping, but so excited to read what everyone else is going through. I remember it sooo fondly!!!
    Good luck girl!!

  2. Thanks Selina, i am so excited , you are my first follower.I love reading your blog.You looked fantastic at your comps.Congrats on your new additions to hehehe.I am still learning how to use this and add people .