Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long time no post, i have been here on and off catching up on everyones bloggs , but never find the time to post my own. Have had a few little struggles to get through. Came down with the dreaded flu that seem to attack some of you bloggers as well. Took me a few weeks to build my fitness level back up.There have been times when i thought i am getting to old for this. Do i have to do this for the rest of my life???  But i knew that i had to find my happy place again , i am happy when i am fit and toned . What will happen if i slack off and don't train anymore ? I will look like the average middle aged mum , not that there is anything wrong with that. But i like being different , i like the comments , and compliments i get. I feel confident and bursting with energy when i am fit. So thats what i have been doing ,  trying to get back to my happy place. It has been a struggle , there have been times when i just didn't feel like going to the gym or doing my cardio . But as you know the feeling afterwards is rewarding .So i am getting there , and enjoying my training again. THIS OLD GIRL IS NOT READY TO GIVE UP YET.
I WANT to be the best that i can be. Which takes constant work. Its all about legs and butt for me , i am contantly working at conditioning them . Upper body is not a problem , my legs get chubby real easy, i have my mummy to thank for that. I think they look cute on her , but i am a perfectionist I WANT LEAN LEGS !! Without having to go on a comp diet. hehehe.
I have been thinking of doing the Oct comps this year . The IFBB and WFF/ NABBA . Will see how i go .
There is a comp here in May, The South Pacific Championships . Would have loved to do that one, but i did promise myself i would have a year off , and also not mentally ready or made the improvements i need yet.
I do have some news to tell but will leave that for next post. Until then take care xxx

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  1. I was wondering when you were going to post again, I was just looking at your blog earlier this morning. Good to hear all is well. I am the same as you, I often wonder what is after this? i dont want to be just like the other mums my age. I too like being different.

    Looking forward to hearing your news! xx