Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hello all in blog land,
A week since my last post , very slack i know. Well after last weeks leg work out i was crippled for a few days there.So dammm sore i couldn't even do any decent cardio. I like to be sore but not so sore , that i cant even do house hold chores with out being in agony. Or trying to cross a street and there is a car coming and your brain is telling your legs to get a move on , but it's like they just can't compute. and keep buckling hahaha . So i have started back on my L-Glutamine again, along with Ultra Muscleze , had a few extra doses yesterday, before and after my leg workout and again before bed , so i am glad to report, so far they are a bit sore , but nothing on last week. Hit it pretty hard this week in the gym, so have sore chest and back as well. Love it , just dont love it when i cant walk, hehehe. Have also gone back on my multi vitamins, started this morning. Been lacking in energy lately. Feel alive tonight though. As of late i would be crawling into my bed by this time . Surely that multi hasn't kicked in already? maybe it's because i had a rest day today? Dont know but it feels good to be alive again.Hope i feel this good in morning , i really need to get out do some running .

I have some exciting news to tell, i started TAP dancing (never to old to learn new tricks), first lesson was Wed just gone.The lessons are held at a dance school my daughter attends.The lady that owns the dance school also instructs bodypump and Attack classes . She is WA's head Les mills girl. Anyway the class was going to be an Adult Jazz and Tap class, but has now changed to fitness and Tap. No one was interested in the Jazz.(boo hoo i wanted to learn Jazz ) So we started off with a run out side, myself and another lady were to fit for everyone else and had to stop and do walking lunges till the others caught up. Geezz and just when my legs had healed from last week, i was cursing (in my head), they took so long to catch up. My legs were burning . So then we did a SLOW jog, DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE TO DO ANY MORE LUNGES. till the last leg then sprinted it back to the studio, i love sprints. Then we did a sort of plyometrics work out.We had 5 stations, two exersises each station. 30 seconds on each one.Went round the circuit twice . Lots of jumping lunges and jumping squats. push ups , bridges ect. Something i haven't done in a while , so i found it challenging , there was a lower impact version for the not so fit , which was all but two of us. Wonder how those poor ladies pulled up the next day. It was quite an advanced workout for them , they would have found it hard. And yes leggies got sore again next day and  then i punished them again yesterday, geezz  hope to see some changes there for all my hard work.

So after our fitness class we put on our Taps. Was soooooo excited , all my life i have wanted a pair of tap shoes , hehehe.Well, all the other ladies have already had some tapping lessons , so while i thought i might have been clever at the fitness side of things, was a dumb ass in the tapping hahaha I was thinking   hey  sh iiiii tt  slow down , what are doing ? how do you do that? The teacher saw me in mirror looking at her feet and trying to keep up, so she showed me some steps in slow motion.hahaha.  I really want to practice at home but when i  put my taps on and had a little play , my son said "hey mum  should you be doing that on the tiles, wont it leave scratches?" Yehhh ok smart ass. We'll be getting timber decking out the back soon , maybe i can practice on them.

Well i think that'll do me for my blogging tonight, take care all

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